Thursday, September 18, 2014

A dried flower gift from sasquatch?

Bigfoots have been known to trade with humans. According to some reports, a Bigfoot would leave some sort of relic such as twisted branches, mice wrapped in leaves and sometime even a Native American arrowhead. Last week, Connie I. and friends were surprised when they discovered a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers on a fence. It's possible someone (a person) may have left it there, but Connie and her friends could not contain their excitement.

Bigfoot Plays Peek-a-Boo With Robert Dodson

Holycrap! This is scary. Robert Dodson somehow managed to piss off a Bigfoot and you can clearly see that there's something stalking him. There's clear eyeshine and movement as you can see in the GIF above. If you want to see Bigfoot toss a rock at someone, watch the whole thing. The eyeshines gives me goosebumps.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [9/17/2014]

Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Watch: Hunter uses a coyote call in the woods and gets a blood-chilling response

Hands down -- This guy has the best coyote call on the planet. Listen to the type of response he gets from his impressive vocalization. This guy needs to teach Matt Moneymaker and gang what a real animal call is like.

Kelly Shaw: Bigfoot Sighting Hugo Oregon Jack Creek Road

Who doesn't love these reports? Kelly Shaw talks about an interesting story about a deer hunter. Pretty spooky.

Dr. Sykes Has A "Nemesis"? Is The Yeti Causing A New Cold War?

New Yeti evidence has surfaced just outside of Moscow, which is getting some media attention. The real story brewing however, seems to be about the disagreements between the prominent Russian Yeti researchers, and Dr. Bryan Sykes. In the recent Yeti DNA study conducted by Sykes, he concluded that the DNA turned out to be a type of bear that was thought to be extinct. Other samples tested turned out to be known animals. The Russians however, disagree with these findings.

The 2014 Florida Skunk Ape Conference Is This Friday

The First ever Skunk ape conference will be held in Orlando, FL. on September 19th-20th 2014. It will be held at the beautiful Embassy inn & suites Jamaican court. This year's speakers include Dr.Jeff Meldrum, Lyle Blackburn, Stacy Brown Jr., David Lauer, Robert Robinson, Bill Brock and Tim Fasano. Tickets for the event are $50 and will include a meet & greet Friday the 19th at the hotel from 7:30-10:30 pm. Which will include appetizers. Ticket holders will receive a 15% discount off of rooms at the hotel. The conference will begin Saturday the 20th at 9 a.m. and run thru 8 p.m. There will also be vendors set up so you can demo all kinds of squatchy equipment, meet authors and get all the cool Bigfoot swag you want! Tickets are limited and will go quick so get yours today! Hit the link below for more details:

You won't want to mess with Tim Fasano watching this video

Tim Fasano may look like an old man, but we're now certain that if anyone tries to mess with him, he's taking down hard. In this video, Fasano shows us his cardio routine. "This is awesome cardio as I get in shape with weights and running to smash my haters in the mouth," says Fasano.

This Is The Full Version of Mike Greene's Squeaky Thermal

Have you seen one of the greatest thermal footage of Bigfoot ever caught on tape? Mike Greene obtained thermal video of a sasquatch in April of 2009.  The footage is commonly called the "Squeaky Footage" because of the toys that Mike left out for the Bigfoot over the previous two years of coaxing it into camp. You can read Greene's full report at

"Exists" Has the Scariest Bigfoot Chase I've Ever Seen

The latest movie from The Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sanchez has one of the scariest Bigfoot chases I've ever seen. This trailer for "Exist" shows a BMX rider trying to escape a Bigfoot paralleling him. It's scary and I would not want to be in his situation.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [9/16/2014]

Read more: Goldfish has brain surgery to remove tumor

Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Watch This Bigfoot Witness Shares Encounter He Reported to the BFRO

YouTube user Jim Edsall shares the story of his own bigfoot encounter, and how he reported it to the BFRO. Check it out:

What exactly did Stacy Brown Jr. and Justin Smeja see in the Sierras?

The Bigfoot Weekend trip came to an end last Sunday, but that didn't stop Stacy Brown Jr. and Justin Smeja from squatching alone after everyone left. On Monday, Brown and Smeja told us they saw something during at sunset -- but what? We can't say exactly either, but a photograph of a footprint was posted on Brown's Facebook page. In this rant video from Brown, he's even more cryptic about the situation.

Bigfoot Assumptions: Are assumptions about Bigfoot contributing to hoaxes?

The Paranormal Review has been on a roll lately with their breakdowns of Bigfoot videos. In their first YouTube discussion episode ever, the guys asks the question: "Are assumptions about bigfoot contributing to the hoaxes?" Listen below:

I can't believe this is a living creature

This single jellyfish-like animal is actually a roving colony made up of thousands of individual organisms, called zooids. It's among the strangest thing you'll find in the ocean’s depths. Even the experienced deep sea explorers, well-acquainted with the marine animals, had a hard time accepting that what they were seeing was really real. Check it out:

The Lost Giants of Georgia Is Playing Tonight On The Science Channel

A discovery of bones belonging to seemingly giant people raise questions. Research looks to the real giants that live among us.

Possible Bigfoot Activity Recorded at Grays Harbor Thermal Site

While sitting around the fire pit at the Brown's property, some possible bigfoot activity is recorded. First they hear an intense vocalization, and then some very distinct rock clacking. Watch the video for the recordings of the activity.

Randy Filipovic And Steve Kulls Just Busted TheSquatchMaster's "Bigfoot Audio" And It's Embarassing (Updated)

Folks. This is so embarrassing we don't know what to say really. Last week, TheSquatchMaster in Ohio released an audio clip of what he claims to be recordings of Bigfoot. Well. After some YouTube commenter suggested that the audio may have been doctored, and possibly "reversed", Randy Filipovic and TheSquatchDetective Steve Kulls discovered that it was actually a human voice recording played backwards! Holycrap! Listen to his analysis below:

Possible Western PA Bigfoot Sighting?

Bigfoot Evidence reader Dr. Squatch told us a few days ago he was uploading awesome footage. Since we were squatchin' in the Sierras, we almost forgot to follow up on the story. This morning, Dr. Squatch sent us this video explaining a possible Bigfoot him and his crew filmed somewhere in Western PA. He writes on his blog:

Stacy Brown Jr. And Justin Smeja Found These Footprints In The Sierras

I'm kicking myself right now for missing all the fun. We came back home from the "Kill Site" one day too early. According to Justin Smeja and Stacy Brown Jr., something went down on Monday but we're just going to leave it at that -- for nw. The footprint above is one of many prints found at "Site B" -- another location a few miles from base camp. Stacy Brown Jr. is currently on a plane back to Florida and we're just as anxious as anyone else about the details. Stay tuned!