Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Are Bigfoot Normal Or Paranormal? Thom Powell Discusses

Once you get over the initial hump of whether or not to believe bigfoot even exists, people often have differing beliefs in whether or not these creatures are normal flesh and blood animals, or if they have some sort of paranormal abilities that have allowed them to remain hidden for so long. Author Thom Powell this along with his own personal encounters with bigfoot in this video.

Lightning Strikes Car As It Crosses Intersection Caught On Video!

A vehicle with a dashcam installed caught a once in a lifetime occurrence when it captured a car being struck by lightning as it crossed an intersection in Australia. Or is it just a clever marketing trick? Some believe it looks fake, but surely a comapany wouldn't do that to sell their product. What are the odds of that happening? Better yet, what are the odds the passengers in the car had to find the nearest bathroom?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [11-24-2015]

Watch: You'll want a dashcam after seeing this

Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Classic Breakdown Video Baby Bigfoot In Tree Caught On Tape

In this classic breakdown video, Parabreakdown's Phil Poling takes a look at a piece of footage a family took in the woods of what appears to be a baby bigfoot up in a tree observing them. Upon closer observation, is it in fact a juvenile bigfoot, or is it something else? You have to be pretty sharp to figure this one out.

19th Century Vermont Stagecoach Attacked By Bigfoot

The tale of the Bennington Monster:

Are All These Tracks Around This Lake From Bigfoot?

Youtube bigfooter Something Hairy In The Shadows is known for his outside of the box beliefs and claims when it comes to sasquatch. But in this video he goes back to looking at physical evidence in the form of track impressions around a dried up lake bed. There are a TON of tracks, and you can clearly see the frost on the ground. But are all of these tracks the result of bigfoot?

Survivorman Les Stroud Is In This Week's Newsweek Bigfoot Magazine!

This is pretty awesome. Les Stroud just landed an article on Newsweek to discuss the subject of Bigfoot. The image below is hard to read, so you'll want to pick up an edition at your local bookstore!

Even Bigfoot In NYC Hate Having Their Pictures Taken

Over the years bigfoot has become somewhat of a celebrity. I mean think about it, everyone knows who bigfoot is, and everyone is trying to get a picture of of one. It's just like Hollywood actors or professional athletes. No wonder bigfoot hates paparazzi so much.

News Team In Colorado Goes On Bigfoot Expedition

From Fox 21 News in Colorado:

Man Claims To Have Knowledge Of Ape-Man Hybrid

We know that the Soviet Union experimented with creating human/ape hybrids for a super soldier program, but that it ultimately failed. Even though it sounds like it came straight from a comic book, it did actually happen. So is it possible that such a program may have succeeded? One man claims to have knowledge of this, as well as extensive knowledge about bigfoot.

This Guy's Animal Imitations Are Amazing

We've heard bigfoot can mimic animals, but we're not sure they would be any match for this guy. This guy's animal sounds are impressive. So impressive that you can close your eyes and it seems like you're in the middle of a zoo, or out in the barnyard of a farm. Well, except the smell. Hopefully there won't be the smell. If there is, perhaps you should be spending less time watching videos and more time cleaning.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [11-23-2015]

Watch: The most patient dog in the world

Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Listen To This Amazing Story About A Man Who Fell In Bigfoot's Lap

From the youtube channel Rico Savage:

Possible Bigfoot Tracks Crossing Snow Covered Road

Man Is Baffled By Tipi Structure He Finds In The Woods

Sometimes you see things that you just can't explain. Take this for instance, a man finds a tipi shaped structure made from several large trees. He can't seem to figure out how the tree got way up in the other tree like that, especially when there doesn't seem to be a stump for it anywhere.

Family Plagued By On-Going Bigfoot Activity

Jack and Mike of the Paranormal Roads Podcast visit with a family that has an unusual problem. They seem to be plagued by on-going bigfoot activity around their home. They claim to have seen the creature on several occasions.

Campers Ran Out Of Their Campsite And Other Strangeness In Mississippi

Bear and Coonbo of Bigfoot Outlaws fame discuss their recent outing to Mississippi, and some of the events that took place. What runs an entire family out of their camp site at 3 in the morning? They also discuss some of the things they look for and keep in mind when checking into new areas for possible sasquatch activity. Check it out:

Quinault Tribal Leader Gives Blessing Over Bigfoot Conference

Even though all races and ethnic backgrounds are represented somewhere in the bigfoot community, none of them get associated with the creature of legend more so than Native Americans. Many tribes have their own names and stories for these bigfoot creatures, and there is a long history of sightings within the Native community. At the recent Sasquatch Summit, Quinault Tribal Elder Butch Pope gave this amazing blessing over the event.

For These Eye Witnesses Bigfoot Is A Reality

This past weekend was one of the largest conferences on the subject of bigfoot, and possibly the largest conference in the Pacific Northwest, where sasquatch is common knowledge. Conferences like these give the opportunity to hear some amazing stories from eye witnesses. Just listening to their stories and watching them as they tell it, you can clearly see that to these people bigfoot is a reality.

Sunday, November 22, 2015