Tuesday, September 1, 2015

35,000 walruses 'haul out' on Alaska beach and it signals something ominous

Thousands of walruses are gathered together on one of the last places they have to rest in Alaska — the shore. As the ice they typically rely on for respite between hunts has all but disappeared, the giant animals are clambering to the coast in record numbers.

Some guy films a Bigfoot in Georgia and tells us the camera ran out of batteries during the middle of filming

I hate this. I really do. Why does something always have to happen to the camera when you're about to catch something really good? Sigh... Listen to the sound the thing makes. Doesn't really sound convincing right?

Is this the sound of a bear or a swamp ape?

In the swamp of Florida, something strange was filmed by a couple on a boat ride. At first they think the creature is a black bear, but then they realize its something else. A dark shadow in the weeds can been seen on video, along with a few strange noises. What do you think?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Is This An Alien In This Bigfoot Video?

From the Youtube channel Planet Sasquatch:

You Would Not Want To Be Kicked By This Bigfoot

The Trail To Bigfoot team has struck pay dirt in the form of a track find. In this teaser video they mention an 8 foot tall bigfoot in the area, and briefly show us a cast they made of an apparent bigfoot track. Look at the size of that print!

Does Bigfoot Dip Tobacco?

This video proves one of two things; Either bigfoot dips tobacco, or this Oklahoman has a good sense of humor. We hope bigfoot doesn't dip tobacco. I certainly wouldn't want to stumble over his spit cup. There is a famous story though about a man escaping a bigfoot kidnapping by feeding them some tobacco...

This Video Has The Longest Title We've Ever Heard

In this classic breakdown footage, Phil takes a look at the video "Spooky Cryptid Alien Bigfoot UFOs & Orbs Something Strange in the Woods Watch Now!" Is there really that much stuff going on in this video? Was there like a convention of strange, paranormal, and cryptids taking place at this exact location? I mean how can you have all those things at once?

These Are Some Pretty Creepy Bigfoot Encounters In Alabama

If you haven't checked it out yet, you really need to give the Bigfoot Outlaws podcast a listen. This episode the hosts focus primarily on encounters and investigations in Alabama. They share some really creepy stories, and some really great information. Did you know bigfoot loves chicken? Neither did we. I guess peanut butter is still cheaper though.

If you're going to make a Police Dashcam channel, you gotta show this Bigfoot footage

The good ole Bigfoot dashcam footage. No one has debunked this footage yet and Finding Bigfoot says it's a real sasquatch. Believe it or not, this footage is one of the world's most famous police dashcam video. In May of 2009, a police officer and city worker were on their way to a function together when the unexpected happens. According to FB/FB's analysis, the subject was a Bigfoot with "long arm and speed of 30mph as it crosses 7m in 1.3 seconds and 12 meters in just over 2 seconds."

Sasquatch Chronicle's Wes Germer Has a Very Interesting Photograph To Share

For fans of Sasquatch Chronicles, your favorite host Wes Germer recently acquired a photograph from Washington. You may remember Sara Brown of the Brown footage. This photograph is from the same property and the measurement of the subject gigantic!

This Bigfoot Documentary Is One of The Most Fascinating Ones Ever

This documentary has been shared thousands of time around the Bigfoot circle. The documentary supposedly shows a 10-12ft tall Bigfoot. It's about a man named Ben Matine in Ontario. According to the story, on October 6, 2006, Ben was running from a "trumped up and false charge." He fled from authorities and somehow ended up in the wilderness of Temagami, Ontario. Ben's friend Jim, while delivering supplies encountered a massive creature standing at the bottom of a tree root. Jim took 4 high resolution photos of the figure.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [8/30/2015]

Watch: A man uses a 20 dioptre lens and a cellphone flashlight to view his own retina

Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld.com, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

You Don't Want To Be Mistaken For A Bigfoot In Some Places

This amateur short film teaches us two very valuable lessons. The first lesson is that you never want to be mistaken for a bigfoot, especially in certain areas of the United States. Secondly, you never want to get caught fishing in a private pond with permission of the land owners.

Three Legends Talk Bigfoot On Good Morning America

In this rare and vintage footage, Rene Dahinden, Wes Sumerlin, and Paul Freeman make appearances on Good Morning America for a feature story about bigfoot. Good Morning America actually goes on location to hear their stories about their encounters with bigfoot, and the evidence that was out there at the time. Check out this rare piece of bigfoot history:

Amateur Researcher Finds Possible Bigfoot Markers

More and more people take an interest in bigfoot each day. SOme that never gave sasquatch a second thought, are surprised at what they find when they actually start looking and paying attention in the woods.

Man Thinks He Found Mother And Baby Bigfoot Tracks

When people think about bigfoot,t hey naturally think about giant feet, but bigfoot isn't born that way. This man believes he has found the tracks of a mother and baby bigfoot in an area he claims has lots of activity. If what he says is true, it's certainly possible.

New Possible Bigfoot Footage From Tennessee

This video from Tennessee was apparently taken with a low grade video recorder. Around the 13 second mark you can see appears to be a large dark figure on the opposite bank of the creek. As the camera pans, the subject looks like it starts to walk off. It's difficult to tell however due to the low quality of the video. Isn't that always the case?

Mark Anders Talks About The Rich History of Mount St. Helen's Bigfoot -- With Photo

Look. We don't think this photograph is legit because Mark Ander plays around a lot. What we do like about his videos is that it's pretty educational. Mount St. Helen erupted years ago, and when it happened, it took a lot of wildlife with it including sasquatch.

Dan Shirley May Have Found a Bigfoot Trail

Dan Shirley has been a way for a couple of months since he had to take care of more important matters in life. As always his videos as super interesting, and this latest video shows what he believes to be a sasquatch trail where the creatures may be using for travel.

Man Thinks He May Have Found a Juvenile Bigfoot Track

The Crypto Crew claims to have been researching this area for 3 years. This is the first sign of what they believe to be juvenile prints. The place looks squatchy!