Monday, July 6, 2015

Those of you who doubt Dr. Squatch's evidence, what do you think of this footprint?

This footprint impression looks pretty deep. Not only that. It looks pretty fresh too. One question is, could this be a sasquatch footprint or something else?

Watch: M.K. Davis Discusses the Lost Continent of Mu - Part 2

Alright everyone. Many of you have watched Part 1 of the Lost Continent of Mu by M.K. Davis. Here's all two, including the latest one:

This Monsters and Mysteries in America About Derek Randalls and Justin Smeja Is Our Favorite One

The Sierra Kills episode of any TV series has always been our favorite. There's been many shows on how it all happened and what went down, but this episode of Monsters and Mysteries in America is probably the most well done in term of reaction and etc.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

This is what it looks like when a 45 minute display firework is accidentally set off


This San Diego firework happened a few years ago. It's one of the most spectacular scenes of a firework accidentally being set up over.

If You Absolutely Need Your Finding Bigfoot Fix Watch This

Since Finding Bigfoot is skipping this week, we thought some of you  might be having Bobo withdraws. If that's the case, here's Season 7 Episode 4 "Squatchsploitation" for your viewing pleasure. 

Did Dr. Squatch Find A Bigfoot Track?

Dr. Squatch posted a video of what appears to be a large, approximately 15 inch track. We're not so sure about it, but we're no experts. What do you think?

Finding Bigfoot Will Not Air Tonight

photo via: Cliff Barackman

From Cliff Barackman's Facebook page:

Strange Creature Washes Ashore In Russia

What's twice the size of a man, has a bird like beak, and a fur covered tail? Neither do we, but it washed ashore in Russia.

Strange Vocal Recorded In Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Whatever made this call, it sounds pretty eerie. It certainly didn't match any of the comparison sounds. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

Can you hear yowie talk in this video?

Jason H. has released audio of what he believes to be the sound of a Yowie telling him to "go away". Put on your headphones and see if you can hear it.

The Eastern Kootenay Region of BC Canada Is Hot!

We've heard of many places in British Columbia where researchers have considered hotpots. The Eastern Kootenay Region usually isn't one of them. These new researchers in B.C. decided to go on a short expedition earlier this month and their evidence is pretty good. Could this be the next Bigfoot hotspot in BC? Watch below:

Somehow Mark Anders Was Able To Mix Bigfoot With Popculture

Our friend Mark Anders has done it again. He's had plenty of wild discussions, but this one is quite fun. With all the body modifications going on in Hollywood, is looking like Bigfoot out of the question? The discussion is all in fun of course.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [7/4/2015]

Watch: The Islands Where Guns are Required

Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

Happy Independence Day America!

Bigfoot Evidence wishes everyone in America a Happy Independence Day!

Now You Can Pick Berries Like A Bigfoot

Uncle Goat shows us how to make a berry picker and container that allows  us to get the job done without any injuries from thorns or stains  on our fingers.

New Sighting Report From Arkansas

Campers at Lake Dead near Cass, Arkansas tell reseachers about recent bigfoot encounters they's had, including rock throwing.

This Is What Real Squatchin' Is Like

YouTube user redchun gives us a look into a bigfoot outing to show us what it's really like. Do you think you could hang as a researcher?

Sasquatch Ontario Update: Nephatia The Bigfoot Reaches Closure With Mike Patterson

In the words of the Grateful Dead, "What a long, strange trip it's been." As we've been reporting, there's been a back and forth fallout between Mike Patterson, the person associated with the Sasquatch Ontario Youtube account, and the owners of the property he has been investigating. This investigation has produced what some would consider the most incredible interactions between humans and bigfoot ever recorded. Now the family has released the following, which allegedly has audio of the bigfoot known as Nephatia reaching closure with the Mike Patterson situation. 

We don't make the stories up folks, we just report them.

Dr. Squatch says this teepee was "ripped" apart

This is a pretty cool find by Dr. Squatch. Dr. Squatch was the person who came up with the "blue tarp" theory where he noticed that blue tarps are usually discovered near areas of high activity. This strange teepee is supposedly found in the same area where he's been Bigfooting. He writes: "I FOUND A NEW AREA FOLKS! EVERY BRANCH IN THIS TEE-PEE WAS RIPPED OFF...PEOPLE WOULD JUST FIND DEAD STICKS, NO NEED TO BREAK BRANCHES....AND I HIGHLY DOUBT A PERSON WOULD PLACE A FEW SIDEWAYS..PEOPLE WOULD LEAN EVERYTHING UPRIGHT, AND MAKE IT DECENT, NOT ALL RATTY LIKE THIS."

JC Johnson's Lakewood Lycan Dogman Investigation Video Is Frightening

These half-man, half-canine creatures that roam the Four Corners has been witnessed by plenty of people. To some Bigfoot researchers, they are most likely another species of Bigfoot. To Native Americans and those to claim to have seen the "Dogman", these are spiritual beings. JC Johnson is digging deeper into the Dogman mystery and it's getting scarier and scarier. One viewer wrote the following comment after watching the episode: